Four Distinct Product Lines: Wireless and Wired Master Clocks
ynchronized clock systems at web discounted prices
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            Our master clock systems have been keeping people on time since 1991

Wireless Master Clocks provides the latest in synchronized clock technology at reasonable prices.  We have been selling and installing wired master clocks for many years.  When you go to wireless, your master clock system no longer needs cabling.  Now that wireless master clock systems are proven to be inexpensive and reliable, we have stepped up to the plate and sell them to business and institutional master clock buyers via the Internet.  We also sell wireless master clocks in Tampa Bay, from our office. Visit us to see them here, or set up an appointment with us and we may be able to come to you.

Background, who we are:
WirelessMasterClocks.com is a division of Florida Time Clock, Inc., Est. 1991.  We sell synchronized clocks.  Florida Time Clock has sold, serviced, and installed master clock systems since 1991.  We originally installed the old wired systems, with the massive power supplies that you hide in the ceilings.  Thankfully, technology evolved. There are no wires with the Pyramid wireless systems, and only simple flat cables, with very few needed, inexpensive amplifiers with the wired systems.  Give us a call when you are shopping for a master clock system.

Support, background on synchronized clocks:
Our master clock equipment includes an owners manual.  Outstanding telephone and internet technical support is simply a phone call away.  We've been in business a long time, we've got contacts; we know who to talk to.  In 1991, even the concept of wireless clocks didn't exist.  Originally, master clocks were connected by speaker cable and large power amplifiers hidden in ceilings, closets, etc.  They were cumbersome, inefficient, old style mechanical movements, were expensive to install, expensive to operate, and unreliable.  That all changed around 2007 when the master clock industry got an infusion of new technology.  Our philosophy is that since we know how to do this - set up synchronized clock systems - you shouldn't have to. 

We are growing and always looking for good people.  If you have direct experience with master clocks or experience related to office machine, POS, copier service, E-mail or fax your resume.  Employees are investments.  You could move to sunny Florida!  We offer decent wages, plus a generous vacation and PTO package.  We are conveniently located just 17 miles from the Tampa International Airport, and 8 miles from the downtown Saint Petersburg waterfront. Primarily an internet company, we are in a 2,000 square foot office with the latest in modern computer systems.

A brief discussion of wireless master clocks:  Wireless master clocks are designed to keep an entire facility in sync from a time perspective from room to room, hall to hall, and so on.  These are commonly remembered as school clocks, hospital clocks, airport clocks, factory clocks, production clocks, shop clocks and hospital clocks.  With a master clock system, everyone is on exactly the same time, to the second, throughout the facility.  Most recently, channel hopping wireless technology has been added to master clocks, solving almost all the known communication issues.  Now they set up easily, reliably, and connect quickly.

The new synchronized master clocks:
* Eliminate the need to run more, expensive cabling in your building.
* Get the time from the Internet.
* Have few moving parts.
* Install in minutes, not days.
* Require no special cabling other than a standard CAT5 cable.
* Some need no power supply, just an Ethernet connection. 
     - They run by POE (Power Over Ethernet).
* Some use a centralized transmitter with a 1/4 to 1/2 mile range.
* Complete systems start with just one transmitter and one clock.
* Some do not even need a master clock transmitter, just a connection to your network - and to the web.
* Clocks come in large digital displays, or standard and customizable clock faces.

There are several variations of wireless master clocks to choose from:
They currently come in several configurations, the first being the basic clock network:  Multiple slave clocks are sent signals that keeps them synchronized with the time transmitting device (the master clock).  Another version has clocks that plug right in to your existing network, picking up the time from the Internet. Some run on POE, eliminating the need for power to be near the clock.  The clock itself is connected to the Web, or can pick up the time from GPS/satellite, or the US Naval atomic clock transmitter in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Use this site as a resource, check our articles, read the product descriptions.  We will be updating it often, adding new master clock systems and related products, and posting more product information.  Our job is to make your job easier.  Most importantly, do business with us.