4" Digital Secondary Clock 41357G
4" Child Clock for Pyramid wired master clocks

4" tall child clock with large 2 1/2" numbers. Standard hours and minutes or military and minutes. 41357G Includes THREE YEAR GUARANTEE (compare to others. Requires PTR7000 master clock to run.

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4" Digital Secondary Clock 41357G

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Click 92 Y connector p/n 41270Y connector$7.95
Click 93 50' Pyramid BCD50' cable #41269$19.95
Click 94 100' Pyramid BCD cable p/n 41314100' BCD cable$28.95


Pyramid 12/24 hr - 4" digital PTI Red on Black clock

How this works:

This secondary (child, slave) clock receives the time from a Pyramid Master Clock.
User selectable format - Standard hours and minutes, or Military (0-23) and minutes
You may have seen this clock in your airport, under the SIMPLEX brand.
Visibility:  Up to 100'.  Our shop is 60' long, it's easy to read.
Time is restored instantly when power comes back up.

Time Signal Source:
Pyramid PTR7000 or any of the TimeTraxPro series time and attendance system terminals.
These devices synchronize to the time on your network

It is connected by the BCD cable (lengths of 50' and 100')
Link to the next clock by use of the Pyramid "Y" cable (not included)
Each clock needs 110VAC to operate, and will not work as a stand-alone clock.

Three Year Factory Replacement Guarantee

Made in U.S.A.


41357G Clock Details at a Glance:

  •     Interfaces with most master clock controls including Simplex
  •     Large 4" digital display using high bright LED technology
  •     Clock be set to a 12 or 24-hour format - user selectable.
  •     Two time-setting modes for fast and slow setting of display times
  •     High visibility over 150 feet
  •     High contract Red numbers on black background reduces glare 
        and increases visibility

Pyramid 's digital systems clocks are slave clocks designed to interface with Pyramid system clocks as well as most master clock systems (all TimeTrax systems and the 7000 Master Clock). These clocks are plug-and-play, and plug directly into Pyramid system clocks with RJ45 connectors. Using high bright diode technology, this clock comes in a 4-inch high face and 2 1/2: tall bright red numbers.

UL and CUL approved
Power:  110VAC 12" power lead included
Black exterior case
Three Year Guarantee
Power:  115 v, 60 hz  Islands:  Also available in 220/50.  Call for quote.
Surface mount:  12" wide, 7" tall (More or Less)