The History of Our Business, Wireless Master Clocks
test Florida Time Clock's roots go back to Wagner Business Machines in Buffalo, NY, back to 1965, when it was started by Joe Wagner, Sr. Over the years, the company changed hands from father to son, then to our service manager.  As of 2011 Joe Wagner Sr. is still alive and kicking.  At 90 years old, he and his bride of 66 years are still happily living the dream in Florida. In 1990, I moved it to Florida.  I had sold Wagner Business Machines to an employee in 1984 – it's still running, under a different name - then moved to Los Angles for a few years.  I went there without a job, just ambition. For the first time in my life, I had no social, familial, or financial net.  It was make it or break it, the nearest lifeline was by mail, 3,000 miles east.  That's were a lot of work and life experiences happened.  Having to suddenly work for others made me determined to build my own company – imagine that. I did it five years later, using the skills I learned in California, and realizing that failure was not optional.  Five years of scrambling made Florida Time Clock, and now this website, wirelessmasterclocks.com possible – but back to the story about Dad, this is a story about a son and his father, after all...  Shortly after retiring to Florida in 1978,  Dad restarted Wagner Business Machines in Sarasota Florida, and worked until he was 81.  It's hard to retire from work that you love.  The man loves people, and people love him.  Mom wanted more time with him, she pulled him out of the working world.  I moved to Florida in 1990 and with the advice and connections my father had made, I formed Florida Time Clock.  Like good office equipment, clocks keep us organized.  Organization insures our success.  Organization helps you walk away from an audit, with no penalties.  Organization and honesty has kept us in business for over twenty years.  As long as your parents are alive, you are always someone's kid.  My parents are proud, and our employees are happy.