Help and Policy Information

This is an eCommerce website, meaning that you can purchase our products online with your credit card. Please read on to learn more.

How to Purchase Our Products Online
This website contains an online catalog of product listings as well as a shopping cart to gather your orders. It's easy to purchase products with our eCommerce system:

1. Click "Add to Cart" buttons to add items to your shopping cart.
2. Review your shopping cart. Please notice the Suggest Products section of the Shopping Cart page. These suggested products are designed to compliment your purchase.
3. Enter your basic information such as name, billing address, shipping address, and email in our secure website.
4. Next, you will enter your credit card information in our secure website.
5. You will be able to review your order, before submitting it for payment.
6. If approved, you will recieve an email confirmation that details your order.
7. We will recieve your order information and call or email you if we have any questions or concerns. We want you to be happy with your order.

Credit Cards
We pay an annual fee to provide you with an industry standard secure and insured SSL encrypted credit card checkout process. Our payment processing system is nationally trusted and established in the industry of credit card authorization.

Other Payment Options
We accept government purchase orders - net 30 days. Telecheck accepted - To pay by check via telephone please call us.

Shipping Information
We set shipping prices on a per item basis. Your shipping cost is a result of many factors. First, many times, we set a shipping cost for the first count of a product, but there can be a different shipping rate for any additional counts of that product. Next, we factor in geographical location to determine shipping cost. During the checkout process, this shipping cost calculation will be presented to you after you enter your address information.

Master clocks and master clock systems are all special order items. We do not accept returns, except under unique circumstances. All warranties within the USA are handled directly through the manufacturer, and not us. If you have any doubt that these products may work, we recommend you order just one of them to test, then proceed to order the rest of them. In the event that the test fails, we would take that order back if you return all the packing material and do not damage it. Custom imprinted logos and other customized equipment is not returnable at all. In the event of a return, you are responsible for return shipping. Initial shipping and 5% credit card fees are not refundable. Treat the equipment with respect, treat us with respect, and we will do the same for you.

Privacy Policy
We want to assure our customers that their information is safe and kept private. No customer information is shared with any parties outside of the order and fulfillment process. Your information will not be used for anything other than taking and fulfilling your order along with direct communication from us to you. Your information is kept safe on our host's servers in a secure data center complete with security systems and security guards. Additionally, our eCommerce payment process implements industry standard encryption technology to keep your sensitive information safe.

Questions? Feedback? Please Contact Us.