About Wireless Master Clocks and synchronized time clock systems

Wireless Master Clocks is a division of Florida Time Clock, Inc. Established 1991.  We have been installing master clocks at local schools and manufacturing plants for over twenty years.  Over time, the equipment has evolved.  Computers, the internet, the atomic clock, all combined, and more reliable synchronized clock systems are available at lower costs than anyone had imagined - even in recent years. 

As an American owned company, we made the decision to promote just American MADE IN USA products.  Pyramids synchronized master clocks, synchronized analog clocks and synchronized digital clocks are all MADE IN USA. 

Wireless clock systems eliminate the need for cabling.  The digital wall clocks require 110 or 24VAC connections - if you have an existing 24VAC system, this fits right in.  The synchronized analog wall clocks need no wiring, just a 5 year Lithium battery and a nail to hang it on.

Our wireless master clocks can be connected as a GPS clock system, power over ethernet - imagine you need a digital clock but have no power tap, you can run an ethernet cable - and soon, WiFi.  WiFi synchronized time clocks will be available by the end of 2011.  If you see a need for a WiFi synchronized clock, call us today.

We are your source for clock synchronization.