Synchronized clocks

Digital time displays and analong clocks are synchronized to a time source, such as a Pyramid Wireless master clock.  This master clock is a time server, it displays time traceable a th NIST national time standards system.  Wired master clocks and wired slave clocks (secondary clocks) are synchronzed by a simple time code via an inexpensive flat cable with RJ45 cable ends.  Our wired Pyramid master clocks can be up to 4000 feet from the master time source, and multiple secondary clocks.  An inexpensive signal booster can be added when, if, and as needed, for easy plug-and-play installation.

For existing installations, Pyramid displays can be synchronized wireless for synchronzed display time without the need for new wiring.  Using the Pyramid master clock and software, you can set the server to synchronize with the Pyramid master clock, thus enabling your entire system to be synchronized to the same master clock.  The Pyramid Wireless uses unique channel-hopping 900 MHz open frequency technology.