Who uses master clocks? These people do.
Who uses master clocks and wireless master clock systems:
  • Schools (K-12, Public, Private) New construction, additions, renovations, retrofits
  • Hospitals, Surgical Centers
  • Community College/Junior College Campuses
  • Law Schools, Nursing Schools, and other academic buildings
  • Libraries
  • Auditoriums
  • Church schools and auxiliary facilities
  • Corporate offices and buildings
  • Military Bases (again, Academic buildings, Hospitals, etc)
  • Newspaper/Media offices
  • Airport terminals, airport concourses - always in need of east to see digital clocks
  • Convention Halls and Convention Centers
  • Warehouses, Industrial Manufacturing, Distribution centers
  • Nursing homes, blood banks
  • Any building, facility, and/or business which has concerns regarding time
    discrepancies, inconsistencies, and recognizes the value of synchronized time
    as a means of increasing employee productivity and and morale.