Lathem LTR-GPS

The Lathem LTR-GPS is a global positioning satellite receiver using 12 channels to get the most accurate time possible. Using 3 to 12 of the available 24 GPS satellites, it's spot-on accurate. Fast se

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Lathem LTR-GPS Satellite Receiver & Synchronizer Lathem's LTR-GPS is a Global Positioning Satellite receiver using 12-channels to access the accurate date and time signal transmitted each second by 24 satellites in orbit around the globe.

The system includes an amplified exterior GPS antenna. An integrated cable links the antenna to an interior receiver module which retransmits the signal to selected Lathem devices.
The RS-485 output can directly synchronize up to 31 Lathem time products, up to 4,000 feet away, over a single twisted-pair cat-3 or cat-5 cable.
The length of cable and number of synchronized devices can be further increased using Lathem's SWIFT485+.
The supported devices for synchronization include:
LTR Series Master Clocks (LTR0, LTR4, LTR8)
DDC Series Digital Wall Clocks (DDC2, DDC4)
Sonachron Bell Ringer (DWA-S)

Configuration options include Local Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time option, and desired output format.
LED's indicate signal reception and protocol mode.
The LTR-GPS can be remotely powered from an LTR-512 Series Master Clock, using a second cable pair, if the distance is less than 200 feet.
Otherwise, power is supplied locally by a 9VAC power adapter (included).
System Includes:
LTR-GPS satellite synchronizer
115vAC, 2.7w, 50/60Hz power adapter
Active GPS antenna with 25 foot cable Antenna
Mounting bracket and hardware
Q: How long does it take for the LTR-GPS Satellite Synchronizer to 'tune in' to the satellites
     to acquire the accurate date and time?

A: Once it's set up and has a clear view of the sky, it takes about 3 minutes.

Q: How often does it send the date and time to Master Controls, Digital Wall Clocks, and
    Sonachron Bell Ringers?

A: Once every minute.

Q: Can we extend the 25' antenna cable?
A: No. It's limited by the line resistance, basic physics. 
     If you extend it, Lathem is not responsible for the accuracy.

Q: Environmental Question: Can the LTR-GPS Satellite Synchronizer be mounted
     externally with the LTR-GPS antenna, or is it required to be mounted internally?

A: The Synchronizer MUST be mounted internally, within 25 feet of the LTR-GPS
     antenna.  The antenna must be outside, and the operating range is 32 to 110f, or 0 to 43 C.

Q: Can the LTR-GPS Satellite Synchronizer connect to other Lathem products
     such as PayClock terminals to keep their time accurate?

A: Yes, and no. It only works with the 512 series master controls, digital wall clocks,
     and Sonachron Bell Timer