Pyramid 7000 Master Clock, Wired
Wired master clock

Simple to set up master clock and bell timer. You can control a dozen standard and digital clocks - and it can also ring bells.

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Master clock

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 404 50' bell and buzzer wire50' bell and buzzer wire$16.50
Click 405 100' bell and buzzer wire100' bell and buzzer wire$29.00
Click 87 6 inch 24VDC Bell6" bell, 24V DC$90.00
Click 232 Pyramid 12 inch standard child clock12" analog child clock$149.00
Click 95 4" Digital Secondary Clock4" Slave Clock for Pyramid wired master clock$199.00


Master clock and scheduled work shift timer for manufacturing

Product Overview:
  • You can run up to 8 clocks and 10 bells from this one unit.
  • Go out up to 2000' to your clocks and bells
  • Add more with available signal boosters and power amplifiers
  • Run up to 2000' out to the clocks with the basic 7000 Master Clock
  • Includes easy to set up program by manipulating three buttons inside the locked case
  • Set it up using just three buttons at the clock itself.
  • With the included TimeTrax software, you can get the time from your PC, and set up the events via a very easy to configure signal program.
  • It can signal on any day of the week and exclude others - Sunday for example.
  • Example: Ring on Monday - Friday, different schedule on Saturday, and off on Sunday
Variable duration signals, selectable by event:
     1 second for 2 minute warning that lunch will end, 3 seconds for time to go back to work, up to 59 seconds - user-selectable.
You set this up using three buttons.