Pyramid 12 inch standard child clock
12" analog child clock P/N 5200

Pyramid wall clock for Pyramid 7000 master clock. Easy to read, surface mount, sweeping second hand. #5200

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5200 child clock

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Click 94 100' Pyramid BCD cable p/n 41314100' BCD cable$28.95
Click 93 50' Pyramid BCD50' cable #41269$19.95
Click 92 Y connector p/n 41270Y connector$7.95


Pyramid Child Clock for Pyramid 7000 system.  P/N 5220

Pyramid's system clock is designed as a child clock which gets the time from the Pyramid 7000 master clock - as well as Simplex Master Clock Systems using 58th, 59th, or BCD correction. It comes in a standard black case. .Shatter-resistant poly plastic lense

12" tall, standard time numbers

12 hour dial face with sweeping minute hand.

  • Clock Face 12"
  • Outside Diameter 14"
  • Weight as mounted: 2.5 lbs.
  • Operates on 115V 60hz
  • Connection:  BCD cable to Pyramid 7000 master clock
  • Warranty:
    1-year manufacturer's limited warranty with free product replacement.