NetBell-K web-based factory bell

NetBell-K. All-in-one bell controller with built-in software for factories and schools. 500 schedules, works via network and internet.

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LinorTek Netbell Web-based Bell System

The Netbell was designed as an easy-to-used, scalable automated bell system.  Developed in concert with school administrators who were looking for a simpler and more effective way to control their school bells. 
The system is an Ethernet I/O device which is build ton a TCP/IP platform tht can be installed anywhere in the network without need for a direct PC connection.  The internal clock synchronizes with the NTP server for precise timekeeping. Users who have a complex bell schedule can import their existing schedule into the NetBell system using text format.

Easy-to-Install:  Use Netbell as either a network device or a standalone device. Install the Netbell anywhere on the network.  Use our "Discover" program to automatically locate your device within your network.  A lot of work has gone in to making this program easy to learn, and LinorTek backs it with free technical support - from North Carolina, USA.

Flexible and Accurate Controls:  The Netbell controller comes with a built-in real time clock with NTP automatic Internet time setting, providing you flexible and accurate control of when the bells ring.  Format: HH:MM:SS, Sunday - Saturday. 
Your schedules are safe: The built-in rechargeable battery can back up all of your settings in the event of power outage.

Fully Programmable:
Program up to 500 schedules and different ringing durations.  It takes just a few minutes to customize your bell system to meet your unique requirements.

Netbell-K* and Netbell-KB** Specifications:

10M/100M RJ45 Internet interface with connection and activity LEDs
4 relay outputs, 1 FORM C 48 Volt Max (24VAC/DC 3A)
Status LEDs, (pulse, bootloader and locate)
Ethernet Bootloader - for server hardware code upgrade
Power:  12VAC (Optional)
* Bell:  6" 12VDC Die Cast aluminum enclosure, Volume:  86Db, IP24 rated minimum
** Buzzer"  4" Federal, 100DB
Enclosure:  ABS, IP67 6"x 6" x 3.5"  (150x150x90mm)  - mounting hardware is included
Included accessories:  9' power cable, 9' CAT5 cable
On board temperature sensor, on board input voltage sensor
Working range:  0 to 70C   ->   32 to 158F
Storage range:   -40 to +125 Celsius
Humidity:  10% to 80%, non-condensing
Supported Protocols:  HTTP   HTTPS    SMTP    SNTP

YouTube Videos:  Click to Watch - on YouTube
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