Single Circuit Network Bell Timer
Single Circuit Network Bell Timer

School or factory timer. 500 schedules, 1000 events. with variable durations. Example: 3 seconds at 8, 1 at 8:50, 2 at 9:00 and so-on. N/O cold contact relay output.

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School and industrial bell timer
Network Signal Timer
  1. 1000 events within 7 calendar days.
  2. 500 schedules - program now, and use them later when needed, example: holiday weeks.
  3. Turn-key solution, downloadable latest software
  4. User assignable TCP/IP address
  5. Incredibly accurate: Synchronizes with the NTP web clocks
  6. Comes pre-wired.  Mount to your wall, plug in to 110V and CAT5
  7. Tamper-proof: Locking metal case, 10Amp, 110VAC output
  8. Comes wired for one circuit, upgrade to two, add 24VAC or other low voltage output
  9. Software and schedules are in the device, not on your computer