Pyramid 6 Digit Countdown Clock
Six Digit Countdown Clock

Count Up/Down Digital Counting Clock. Easy to operate in Count up, count down, or optional wireless time modes. 6 digit timer will count up to 99:59:59 by seconds, and count down from 99:59:59 by seco

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countdown clock

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Click 710 Plate Kit/controller Count Up/DownCount Up/Down wired controller$69.99


6 digit timer will count up to 99:59:59 seconds, and count down from 99:59:59 seconds

  • Easy to operate in count up, count down modes, Shows "-" on the display when it goes below zero.
  • 6 digit timer will count tup to 99:59:59 by seconds and count down
    from 99:59:59 by seconds
  • Three Year Factory Guarantee, Made in USA
  • Battery back-up will keep time internally when power is out for up to 7 days
    during the count up/count down modes.
  • Time of day can be received via Pyramid wireless transmitter
    Battery back-up will keep time internally when power is out for up to 7 days
    during the count up/count down modes
  • Wall mount controller uses a standard electrical box and connects to digital
    clock using an RJ45 cable (included).
  • When not in counting mode, it can work as a wall clock, receiving
    wireless RF synchronization signal every 20 seconds from Pyramids
    optional RF transmitter
  • Clock face is tinted to reduce glare
  • Durable ABS frame and shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • Extremely rigid body construction designed for durability and long life
  • Bright red or bright blue LED numbers
  • 110 - 240 VAC (not battery operated)
  • Tamper-proof mounting bracket (optional)
  • Made in the USA

When seconds matter, count on Pyramid Time Systems Count Up/Count Down digital clocks.
The easy-to-use system counts up or counts down by seconds to monitor time in critical
situations. Count up mode displays elapsed time. Count down mode displays time remaining.
Upon reaching zero in count down mode, the clock flashes and counts negative time until stopped.
A battery back up will keep time internally in the event of a power outage.

Pyramid’s Count Up/Down controller is easy to install and easy to operate. The digital clocks
feature bright red LED digits for high visibility. Clocks are 4” with 6 digits, including the second

When not in timer mode, the digital clock can be used in conjunction with a Pyramid Wireless
System to provide accurate time synchronized with the rest of the facility.

Pyramid’s manufactuers a full line of wireless digital and analog clocks which can be set up quickly and easily. Using the proven industry standard of frequency-hopping technology to broadcast between 902 and 928MHz radio frequencies.  

This delivers a dependable wireless synchronized clock signal.  Pyramid digital clocks provide years of maintenance-free service for a variety of environments. And, with no FCC license needed, it’s the easiest wireless synchronized time system on the market. 

Available in silver or charcoal bezel (the frame). 

6 Digit Countdown Clock with seconds
3 year Pyramid Factory Guarantee

One 6 digit bright red on black background clock
----  Select your color before ordering:  Red is basic, Blue is optional
2.5" tall primary numbers
----  Select your number size before ordering:  2.5 is basic, 4" is optional
12" power lead, 110VAC
----  Select your power lead.  12" is basic, 6' (72") is optional

Feel free to call us for further information.

Pyramid Countdown Clocks, available in two sizes

2-6-B-B MilitaryLR.jpg 

This is for the larger size:

4x6 S-R Dim.jpg
 Requires a CTPLATEKIT to operate, which is not included.