Power over Ethernet PoE Analog Bundle
Power Over Ethernet - Analog Clocks

POE Analog Clocks, automatically synch to the NTSP system. Plug and play. Five large 13" POE Analog clocks and setup software. Save on additional clocks.

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Power over Ethernet Master Clock system

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 727 4 Digit Wall Clock POE4" 4 Digit POE Clock$299.00
Click 701 Dial Face Child Clock POEPOE Standard Face Clock$190.00
Click 719 Pyramid 4-6-Military POE4" Numbers, 6 digits, Military with Seconds$489.00
Click 720 Pyramid 4-6-Standard Hours POE4" Numbers, 6 Digits, 1-12 Hrs with Seconds$489.00
Click 707 Pyramid 6 Digit Military/Minutes/Seconds POE6 Digit Military Hours, Minutes, and Seconds$428.00
Click 708 Pyramid 6 Digit Standard Hours POE6 Digit Standard Hours, Minutes and Seconds$389.00

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The TimeTraxSynch Wireless Clocks-In-A-Box bundle from Pyramid synchronizes all your clocks to your network, and can synchronize your network to the NTSP servers.

Clocks-In-A-Box Bundle Features:

  • Synchronize your wall clocks with networked computers, all at once.
  • Includes:
    Five 13" low profile black framed clocks with shatterproof polycarbonate lense

    TimeTrax Synch software

  • Expandable: 
    Add as many additional Analog or even Digital clocks as you like, on the same network.
  • Using the same software, add more clocks on another network, in another building*
    * Must be the same company or organization, as this is licensed software.
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (turn this feature on or off in the software)
  • Resets to correct time after power outages
  • 30 day money-back guarantee, 3 Year Limited USA Factory Guarantee
  • 3 Year USA Technical Support,  Made In U.S.A.
  • Call for custom pricing on additional clocks.