Wired Clock and Bell bundle
5 clocks, one bell and timer

Pyramid timer, one 6" bells, one 4" 4 digit red digital clock, 4 13" 110V wall clocks, cables and software. Honestly easy installation, technical support included

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 92 Y connectorY connector$7.95
Click 93 50' clock cable50' cable$19.95
Click 94 100' clock cable100' cable$28.95
Click 232 Pyramid 12 inch standard child clock12" analog child clock$149.00
Click 95 4" Digital Secondary Clock4" Slave Clock for Pyramid wired master clock$199.00
Click 404 50' bell and buzzer wire50' bell and buzzer wire$16.50
Click 405 100' bell and buzzer wire100' bell and buzzer wire$29.00
Click 87 6 inch 24VDC Bell6" bell, 24V DC$90.00


“Clocks in a Box" is a turnkey Master Clock Solution

  • Designed to offer a complete, programmable bell system for small businesses
  • The system offers quick and easy setup using plug-and-play connections
  • Absolutely everything that is needed is included in the box

Clocks In A Box is perfect for businesses and institutions that need 5-50 synchronized clocks, but don’t have the time to spend on planning and setting up the system. 


• Battery backup in case of power failure- saves the program, updates the time
• Plug-and-play cables with all necessary connections
• UL and CUL approved
• Operates on 105-120V 60Hz
• Toll-free customer support during normal business hours