Wireless Master Clock Transmitter
Pyramid 9T1W1 250,000 Sq Ft Master Clock

Pyramid wireless master clock. Transmits at 902-915mhz using unique channel hopping. Links to the NTP ("Naval") clock servers via the Cloud. Runs unlimited child clocks.

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Click 712 4 Digit 3" tall number secondary clock4 Digit 3" tall number secondary clock$389.00
Click 701 POE Standard Faced Child ClockPOE Standard Face Clock$190.00
Click 716 Pyramid 4" 4 Digit Military Child ClockPyramid 4" 4 Digit Military Child Clock$383.00
Click 714 Pyramid 4-4 Digital Secondary Clock4" 4 Digit Wireless Clock$344.00
Click 700 Pyramid Wall Clock13 inch wifi secondary clock, battery powered$133.00
Click 702 Wood Framed Wireless ClockWood Framed Wireless Clock$169.99


Works with with most Pyramid Time and Attendance payroll management systems. 

The transmitter can synchronize your networked phone system networked computer servers, PC's, and existing wired synchronized clock systems with bells and horns (such as a Simplex system)

With no FCC license needed, it is the most simple to use plug-and-play system on the market.  This is NTP time (from the Internet), not Atomic Time.  NTP is within 6 seconds of Atomic Time.


128 channel 902 - 928MHz frequency-hopping technology
Transmits new time every 10 seconds
Add Mini-Masters to extend the range when it can't find the signal
Sends RF time signal to an unlimited number of clocks
Field interfacing with other existing clock and sound systems
Internal clock and bright blue LED display for clear and accurate readout
Microprocessor controlled
5” box top antenna, no external antenna is needed
Time source captured from NTP, GPS, and/or internal Network
Time source is from the internets NTP
Solid, steel case housing for quick installation and longevity
Battery backup for maintenance-free use should the power fail

Pyramid Wireless Synchronized Clock Owners Manual (click to download)

Pyramid, a USA company, is known for cutting-edge innovation and it's time and attendance solutions for businesses of all sizes, covering a variety of industries.  Pyramid does all of its development and manufacturing in Connecticut, USA.  After several years of development and testing, Pyramid has released a full line of synchronized wireless master clock systems and transmitters that can be set up in a matter of hours - sometimes just minutes.


Using a frequency hopping transmitter of 915MHZ (902 - 928MHz), it delivers a dependable wireless synchronized clock signal in large buildings and across campuses.  Designed to work in court houses, schools, jails, manufacturing, hospitals, multiple buildings.

With the Pyramid wireless clock technology, you will save money during new construction, and retrofits.

This software is included.
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