Wireless Clocks-In-A-Box Analog Bundle
Analog wireless clock deal! SEBA5A3SR

One Master Clock with software, 5 13" clocks with batteries. Add as many additional clocks as you need.

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Pyramids Wireless Synchronized "Clocks In A Box" Analog Bundle
Designed with plug-and-play connections for easy setup right out of the box.
Absolutely everything that is needed is included, it's all here.

This solution captures time via the Internet NTP (Network Time Protocol) format or from the optional GPS satellite signals.
Everything is guaranteed for 3 years.


  • (1) 902-928MHz channel hopping transmitter
  • (4) 13" surface mount analog clocks
  • (4) 3 Five year lithium batteries
  • (1) Software CD with online manual
  • Free Technical Support
  • Add more clocks, digital and Analog, as needed!
  • Connect to a PA systems with an inexpensive tone generator - ask us how - and alert people to shift changes, work start and stopo, breaks, lunch start/warning/end, class change, recess, etc.

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Part number SEBA5A3SR


Pyramid Analog Clocks In A Box  part number SEBA5A3SR

In the Box:

  • 1 Watt Wireless RF Mini-Transmitter
  • 128-channel 902-928MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • Sends the RF time signal to an unlimited number of clocks
  • Internal battery backup in the event of power failure
  • Time is captured from the NTP, or optional GPS
  • Optional Scheduling Software for synchronized system bells
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (user selectable setting)
  • Five 13" Standard Wireless Analog Clocks
  • Durable ABS frame with shatterproof polycarbonite lenses
  • Automatically synchronizes with the master clock
  • Modern styling and low-profile design, surface mount
  • Additional clocks can be added to the system at any time
    - including digital clocks
  • Five Lithium Batteries
  • Maintenance-free lithium batteries last upwards of 5 years

Unprecedented 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty
- with Free Product Replacement

Bundle shipping weight:  18lbs
Required voltage for transmitter:  50/60Hz, 110-240VAC

Affordable, easy to install, and available at Grainger for about 25% more!


  • No FCC site license needed
  • Up to 50'000 sq. ft. coverage
  • Exclusive Five Year Warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Modern styling and low profile design
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
  • Run bells by adding the 5024 (24VDC) signal controller.
  • Sync your networked computers to the same time using the included software

The 5024 is connected to the master clock via a Pyamid BCB cable, then each bell connects to the 5024 by a standard 18 gauge speaker cable.   Run up to 8 bells, or connect to your existing bells or intercom with one of our bridge devices.  Call us, we can figure it out.