Pyramid Master Clock S9DWXLSLAUB
RF Mini-Master w/software

Wireless master clock W/ TimeSynch software. Keeps Pyramid digital and analog clocks exactly on time. Wall mount. Shelf Mount is same price, just tell us in checkout, or call. Free Shipping USA-4

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Pyramid wireless mini-master clock

Range: Up to 250,000 square feet, if multiple floors, it can typically run three
floors if installed on the middle of the second floor.
Channel hopping 902 - 928 “915“MHz

Designed to work with Pyramid child (or slave) clocks.
It can also ring bells or speakers with the addition of a Pyramid 5300
1 circuit signal controller

Free initial technical support if needed, for set-up, 90 days
3 year guarantee.  Made In USA, supported in USA
P/N S9DWXLSLAUB wall mount (shown)
          S9DWXOSLAUB  - shelf mount

Pyramid Mini-Master Specifications:

Height: 5 inches
Width: 6.5 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches 
It's about the size of a desktop phone - or less
Case Color: Black
Display:  Bright blue LED
Voltage: 110VAC, 60Hz
Connector Type: RF Signal, Wireless
Wall or Ceiling Mount
Includes 5 inch antenna, power supply, manual, and free technical support
Available without the software, $600 less, use as additional transmitters within the same company.
If you positioned this on the 3rd floor, it would transmit below, above, and around, up to 25000 feet. 
Requires a network connection (CAT5 patch cable) to the network,
which then contacts the NTSP clocks on the internet.
You can directly connect a signal timer (one or four zone) to this device
and run bells, buzzers, etc from the timer.
The signal events are controlled by the software that comes with the
Master synchronized clock transmitter.

For additional information or clarification, simply call us.